Elizabeth Manso
Owner, Brigade Bookkeeping
Miami, FloridaI’ve hired other business coaches before, but Ianna is different. Her approach was just the right mix of hard-core business tactics and real compassion.  She challenged me to do better by changing the way I communicate with my employees, my clients, my family and myself.  She called me out on my excuses. With her help, I figured out what kind of culture I wanted to develop for my company. I finally fired and hired the right people and I was able to take back precious personal time. Now I spend less than 8 hours each week in the office, my business runs more smoothly and I’m happier when I’m in the office and when I’m at home with my husband and daughter.  My ROI with Ianna was 500%. I would highly recommend Ianna to anyone who is serious about making changes in their business and in their lives. I am so happy that I chose to work with Ianna, and I am thrilled she will continue to work with me and my staff ongoing in the future.
Tom Grimm
Owner, Technical System Sales
Bangkok, Thailand….. at 58,  with 10 years at the same company, I found myself with several opportunities that would change my career path significantly.  A decision on whether to stay or go, and if going which choice to make, was on the table.  And I was having difficulty with it.  A friend referred me to Ianna and the work I did with her was nothing short of dramatic.  Within a few sessions she was able to help me clarify to myself what was most important at this point in my life while also helping me to find the courage to make the decisions that were facing me.  Ianna was easy to communicate with, very engaging and working with her was rewarding and hugely beneficial….
Seth Fine
Owner, Fine Awards
Hollywood, Florida
I have never thought of myself as one that was wide open to professional advise/coaching.  I find some approaches to be contrived or to “rah-rah” for my style but I was very happy that I met Ianna and gave this a chance.  She was easy to talk to and nonjudgmental.  She listened and asked great questions to open up discussions.  She allowed me to explore my own challenges only offering bits of advice and direction along the way.  It was up to me to make my own decisions.Ianna was always able to wrap up our hour chats concisely along with an agreed upon assignment for our next meeting intended to broaden my views, research better ways and uncover opportunities.  I looked forward to each week as a unique discovery about myself, where my company was headed and whether or not I could be satisfied with my successes and failures.  I have grown from the experience and plan to keep in touch with Ianna in order to maintain some of the focus and accountability we developed along with way.
Adrienne Scheck
Miami, Florida
The best benefit I’ve consistently valued and appreciated with each session I have with Ianna is CLARITY!   Ianna taught me how to “quiet” the internal storm of second-guessing, uncertainty and self-doubt I was experiencing and helped me to redefine and re-enter my career livelihood.  She essentially empowered me to embark upon and embrace the process.  Each step is a series of successes, breaking “stuck” habits, and realizing self-worth . . . and realizing lots of opportunities!  It’s revitalizing and tangible . . . has been a great investment in re-introducing myself . . . to myself!   –
Sharon S.
Santa Monica, California

To say that Ianna helped me change careers after a decade long working hiatus would be an understatement. Her action-oriented but thoughtful coaching gave me the courage and the roadmap to successfully pursue a dream– a passion, I never thought possible. Before my first coaching session with Ianna, I was stuck. Stuck in thinking how foolish I was to even allow myself to say my dream job out loud. I had pretty much convinced myself that there was no way to make this happen, and spent my first session with Ianna trying to convince her of the same. But Ianna didn’t buy it–what I got instead was a new way of thinking about my strengths and challenges that within weeks, had me confident, passionate and very clear on what I needed to do and what I needed to get over. It was that shift in thinking that has taken me from attorney to stay at home mom to film producer. Thank you Ianna!
Susan White
Business Development Consultant
Asheville, North Carolina

I’m quite fortunate to have such a strong support system in Ianna. My experience of her as a life coach is that she’s clear, present and objective.  Her perspective in addressing challenging business scenarios empowers me to approach quandaries from a different viewpoint that inevitably lead me to say:  ”That’s a great way of approaching this opportunity…I’m so glad I am now considering this alternative too.”   I also appreciate Ianna’s ability to provide “just in time” coaching by quickly responding as needed.   She’s a true master at asking empowering questions that enable me to swiftly clarify the core issue and evaluate its level of importance so that I may respond strategically.”
Belinda Brown
Business Owner
Orlando, Florida

I had the priviledge to be coached by Ianna in 2011 for a 3 month period. My objective was to gain clarity about my transition from a corporate job to a small business owner position. In addition, I wanted to feel more confident about my capacity to handle any situation during this important transition. By the use of powerful questions, Ianna helped me to position myself at a grounded place mentally and to keep myself on task to move forward with my business creation. I am very grateful for the time and the dedication she provided to me as a client.
Judy M.
Miami, Florida
Choosing Ianna Raim as a life coach is one decison you will never regret.  Her uncanny ability to understand situations and help you determine answers is to be respected and valued.  She certainly proved that using her professinal services was worthwhile.  Because of her keen intelligence and superior education she can comprehend the most complex sittuations quickly and help develop practical and achievable actions plans.   I strongly recommend you treat yourself to her expertise.
Myra C.
Miami, Florida
Ianna has been coaching me around my career goals, and she has been incredibly helpful to me.  She possesses a rare combination of analytical skills, openness and empathy.  Ianna has the unique ability to understand a situation from my perspective, yet be able to reframe the situation in a way which is conducive to progress and growth.  She understands my values and never imposes hers upon me.  She has helped me to understand and change unproductive thoughts and behaviors, while always using kindness and humor.  Furthermore, Ianna uses a strengths perspective and definable steps to reach a larger goal.  In this way, I have been able to see weekly progress.  I recommend Ianna to anyone who feels “stuck” in an area of life and to anyone open to real change!
Rose Devine
Business Owner
Sarasota, Florida
Working with Ianna has helped me revitalize my business and also resolve some personal issues very successfully. I realize now, looking back to the beginning of our coaching relationship, that I was “stuck” and basically stagnating not only in my business, but also in elements of my personal life. I felt powerless and unable to make the changes that I knew were necessary to bring me to a place of peace and success.
Particularly powerful in our coaching relationship was the accountability element. Each week it helped to be answerable to Ianna for the work I’d committed to do.  No time or space for “Procrastination” my old enemy.
With her insightful, probing questions, and expert, intuitive coaching, she helped me move past limiting beliefs and into a productive and rewarding mind-set.  I now have a richer and more fulfilling professional and personal life and my business is growing in leaps and bounds.
I found our coaching relationship to be transformative – thank you so much Ianna!