Is Coaching for You

You would really benefit from coaching if you are a professional / executive Mom who:

- Feels overwhelmed with your to-do list
- Feels underwhelmed by what’s on you to-do list
- Is thinking about staying home, going back to work, changing careers or starting something of your own
- Feels disconnected from your partner, family or friends
- Has doubts about your professional abilities after staying home for a few years
- Wonders what you’re really good at and what career would be suited for you
- Questions how to find purpose and meaning in what you’re doing every day
- Feels without direction or motivation now that your kids are getting older

Ideal Clients are motivated about creating a more enjoyable and meaningful life or career. You are ready for coaching if you are:

  • Determined and willing to make some changes
  • Ready to look honestly at what is and isn’t working for you
  • Eager to carve out some time for yourself
  • Willing to take ownership of your progress