Meet the Coach

Ianna Raim Life Coach

Hi my name is Ianna Raim and I am a certified professional business and leadership coach. Often, I am referred to as the “career revival” coach because I help small business owners and executives re-energize their professional lives so they can transform the demanding job they created for themselves into the career they once imagined would bring them freedom and fulfillment.

In my business career, I’ve had 3 of my own companies in healthcare, finance and telecommunications. Looking back, I understand now that my successes and failures were directly related to my attitudes, my belief systems, and my interpretations of events. These things impacted how I felt and consequently how I acted. My thinking determined if I took risks or if I played it safe…if I made conscious business decisions or if I avoided confrontation and waited for decisions to be made for me…if I led and inspired my employees or if I complained about babysitting them and having to do it all myself…if I led a balanced life or if I worked 60 hours a week.

I help entrepreneurs and executives hold up a mirror to their attitudes and behaviors so that they learn how to make adjustments and reach their goals with more joy and less effort. I help small business owners and managers learn to master themselves so they can master their careers.

What makes me different as a professional coach are: my credentials, my experience and my approach.

In addition to my MBA training from Harvard, I too have struggled both in corporate to balance output and meaning and as a business owner feeling as if my business would collapse without me.

Year after year, I set new goals, vowed to work harder and promised myself that I would lead a more balanced life. But change never materialized. I was stuck because I bought into beliefs such as:

  • If I want it done, I have to do it myself
  • Management doesn’t appreciate me
  • I can’t take a vacation
  • I’m not good at managing people
  • What will my friends (my peers, my husband, my mother) think?

These beliefs were limiting me and they began to take their toll in the form of insecurity and self-doubt. Those feelings crept into other parts of my life and began to challenge me in ways that were uncomfortable and unsettling. I was fully functional but I was not fully living; I wasn’t enjoying my journey as I once had.

When I heard that professional coaching can turn weaknesses into strengths and create breakthrough results for people who are stuck, I tried it. The inspiring, creative and thought provoking process helped me to get “unstuck” and move forward to unleash the potential I knew that I had. I became impassioned to help other smart professionals see opportunities instead of challenges, to see their greatness rather than their failures and to avoid the feelings of defeat and even shame that I had suffered.

My approach is unique in that it incorporates core energy coaching which simply means that I believe that the attitudes and energy we live with affects our success…not only in our business but in our personal lives as well. Character and career are linked. I help clients recognize that and help them make improvements on the inside which have tremendous measurable and profitable effects on the outside.

Everyone has greatness within. Coaching is the most powerful tool known to explore it, identify it and harness it! By encouraging professionals to recognize their real strengths and tap into their confidence, I help clients reach and exceed their goals.