Fish going to a big bowlIndividual Coaching

Either in person or over the phone, one-on-one coaching is for business professionals who want to reach their potential in their personal and professional lives. Individual coaching is an empowering process that helps clients get “unstuck” and accomplish more than they thought possible.

Many clients get started with the The Energy Leadership Assessment.  This is the #1 coaching tool for showing you how likely you are to move ahead and accomplish your goals…whether they are focused on career, finance, health, time management, communication, relationships and more. Assessment includes a private 60 minute coaching session with me to discuss your score and what you can do to upgrade it so that you can finally feel productive, accomplished and fulfilled.  To begin the assessment process, click here.


Corporate workshops take place either one-time or in series over several weeks, and are usually structured around specific content. Highly interactive, these workshops provide a fun and thought provoking experience. Discussions are lively and insightful and may also include at-home assignments to promote learning. Two of the most requested workshops include: “Coaching Skills: How to Motivate Yourself and Inspire Others” and “Energy Leadership: How “response-ability” can increase engagement at work.” Workshops can of course be customized for a particular group around a particular subject matter including communication, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, transition and more.

Public Speaking

This service is for clubs, organizations, institutions or companies looking to provide a dynamic and motivational speaker who can both entertain and educate. Public speaking engagements usually run an hour with a question and answer session.