What are your THOUGHTS for New Year’s?

Just around this time of year, things slow down a bit. Everything seems to take on a different rhythm. Stuff still gets done yet there is this sense that “in a few weeks, it’s a new beginning. Urgency can wait.” It’s no wonder that in these moments we can finally focus on goals for the […]

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Why Happiness Can Make You Sick

I’ve had another argument with my teenage daughter, and I’m reminded of the recent report concluding that people who choose not to have kids are happier than parents. As a life coach and public speaker, one of the topics I speak about is “Living a More Fulfilled Life.” In my presentation, I freely use the […]

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Pollyanna Prevails!

We all know them…those people that are always happy…always smiling and at the ready with a kind word. Let’s be honest; sometimes their positivity is downright annoying. False, unrealistic, Pollyanna are just some of the kinder descriptions we use to dismiss their attitude. Have you ever stopped to wonder why Pollyanna is so bad? Is […]

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