Beliefs + Behavior = Results.

I'm Ianna (pronounced “Eye Anna”) Raim and over the years my clients have called me many names. Most of them thankfully don’t require censuring! My two favorites are “business therapist” and “career revivalist”. Like a therapist, I listen objectively and non-judgmentally to the issues you may be facing at work or at home. And like a fervent revivalist, I help you proactively attack those issues and find real solutions. The results are more joy, less stress and measurably profitable outcomes. I am honored to have assisted hundreds of individuals with matters you may find familiar: powerful communication, networking, executive presence, time management and work life balance, problem solving, confidence building, avoiding conflict, career progression planning, inspiring employees and peers, self-awareness, self-accountability and much more. My coaching philosophy is simple. Beliefs plus behavior equals results. When you can change your attitude, the energy you live with and how you show up every day, you can change almost anything.

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Some people have a particular issue they want to resolve quickly; others are looking for clarity and direction which requires a longer term engagement. Either way, almost everyone feels differently about their opportunities and their abilities to seize those opportunities after coaching.


Using proven coaching strategies, IRC helps executives and business owners re-energize their careers by helping them gain clarity, confidence and the skills they need to feel empowered to set and exceed their personal and professional goals.