Ianna Raim Coaching for Business and Executives

Small Business Coaching

If you’ve ever complained: “I’m not even sure why I do this anymore.” “I don’t manage; I babysit,” or “I have no time to think about the big picture…I’m always fighting fires,” “I just can’t fire him but I really want to” or “why can’t I seem to move my company forward?” coaching can help.

When I engage with you as a small business client, the first thing we do is systematically determine your values because your company is an extension of you. From there, we examine whether your strategy is in alignment with your values and finally whether your company’s culture and business systems support your strategy. It can be lonely and confusing alone at the top. I become your sounding board, your cheerleader and your accountability partner to move you and your company forward.

Learning to communicate so that you inspire not just inform, delegating so you can focus on what you do best, and prioritizing what’s most important to the health of your company are just some of the skills my clients develop.

Executive Coaching

Gone are the days when executive coaching was remedial meant for those executives that weren’t performing. Now executive coaching is a multibillion dollar industry focused on high potential leaders. To be the best leader, it’s critical to know your strengths and your blind spots.

Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt once said that the best business advice he ever got was getting a coach…that the one thing no one does well is to see themselves as others see them.

The overarching goal of executive coaching is to help you be the very best version of yourself as a leader, executive, and whole person. I help my clients do that by providing emotional support, empathy, and encouragement as well as guidance for improving specific skills such as communication, delegation, conflict management, team building, developing people persuasion, personal branding and executive presence. The result is advancing what you want in your career faster and with greater precision.

Women’s Empowerment Coaching

I coach both men and women and I can tell you that while they face similar problems at work and at home, generally speaking the way they deal with those problems can be significantly different.

I have found that when women feel successful in these areas they truly thrive:

Making meaning: Meaning is a strong motivator. What is really important to you? Being clear on your purpose, your values, your strengths and your career aspirations translates to greater job satisfaction and higher productivity.

Engaging: Being engaged at work means finding your voice, taking risks, and saying “no” and “yes” by choice rather than by default. Being engaged not only emboldens your spirit, it advances your career.

Managing your energy: How you show up every day matters. How you handle stress and how well you manage your schedule to find time for yourself and minimize depletion is crucial for today’s leaders.

Connecting with others: Promotions come easier to those who enjoy strong networks and good mentors. Not only is connecting good for your career, it’s also good for you…promoting a sense of belonging and making our lives more meaningful.

Outlook: You are what you think. Learning the art of positive framing empowers you to meet challenges confidently rather than ruminate or feel helpless. After working with me, my clients report progress in all of these areas.